Column: Annoyed… “I need help”


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Mom helping her youngest child without any problems

I know it’s not just me. Do you remember when we used to bring homework home and we didn’t understand the question? We would usually ask our parents for help with it. But back then we used to get in trouble or yelled at for not comprehending what our teacher taught us.

In the present day, our siblings don’t even get yelled at for even asking the simplest questions ever. It’s like they now get the special treatment, they have it so easy now.

Another thing that bothers me is like saying for instance you are doing your homework not too fast and not too slow, but you always have that one sibling that is always on their phone and ends up not focusing on their work. They always ask for help and get a free ticket out of doing their homework. Then the parent asks the other kid, “why did you do your homework so fast?” Even though you worked so hard in your own way.