Column: Introducing “Dear Young Queen”

This week: For teenage girls with insecurities

By Trinyti H.

At this age insecurities are a high peek, and they’re completely out of control. I’m here to tell you I can help!

First off, just know that even the most beautiful, and talented people in the world have insecurities. Never feel alone, or singled out because you’re not the only one. Normalize what you have because it’s beautiful. No matter your skin tone, size, hair, or even voice, you’re beautiful.

In order to even allow yourself to believe this hang around people who you know will uplift you, and make you more confident. Don’t constantly put yourself through relationships that tear you down mentally. It’s hard to let go of people but, sometimes that’s what it takes for a healthy relationship with yourself.

Once you get away from that, eliminate all negative words and thoughts about yourself from your mind and vocabulary. It’s so easy to look in the mirror and pick out things you wish looked differently. All because of social media, or what the boys like or want. Don’t let people’s basic standards determine how you feel about yourself.

Most pictures you’ve seen online are not true to the bone. So many photos have been played around with making them refined, but not authentic. Photoshopped to perfection. Perfection is not even possible. What you have is perfect and worthy of whatever you want.

I’m sure this is all very hard to apply to your everyday life. I’m sure it’s going through one ear and out of the other. It’s all easier said than done but you just have to try, young queen. Don’t give up on yourself, ever!