Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

A mom inviting a friend on the phone, she just told her innocent kids they had to clean their room.

We’ve been through our parents telling us “clean your room, company is coming over.” It’s like they think the company is being held in our room. Seriously, nobody is going to go through every single room and make sure the beds are made.

This happens every time somebody is just going to be in our house even for just 10 minutes! I know why our parents act like this. It’s because they don’t want people to get a bad impression of them or think that they are not clean.

Sometimes our moms would wake up AT 6:00 IN THE MORNING – with a trash bag- waking us up by moving it around in the air. Then they tell us ,“You don’t even need some of this stuff; you don’t even use this.”

My (in my head) reply: Just because you have Bethenny coming over just to look at the blender you just bought, it doesn’t mean I have to clean my whole room!” Be honest with yourself – most of you would want to say the same thing. But we also know there would be MAJOR consequences if we would say this to our parents!  They would get the biggest “chancla” or anything they could find and (spank) us.

So, we just clean our rooms instead of invite this tragedy waiting to happen.

How about you? Do you do a great job of keeping YOUR room (or space) clean every day? If so, what’s your secret? We’d love to hear your stories!