Being aware of bullying is a good start


A lot of people (practically everyone) knows about bullying, and its bullying awareness month so it’s time for a reminder. DON’T BULLY! But how much has bullying changed because of Covid-19? Has it sort of slowed down or gone virtual like our classmates?

Covid-19 has hit the schools in the Red Oak district for some time now. Some people don’t really care about social distancing and want to just hang with friends and that the mask is just a new uniform. But what about others? Well, other people would rather stay safe. They are constantly sanitizing and keeping distance. So that leads to the fact that some people are scared of this disease or virus.

Let’s make it clear though. Bullying isn’t a one time thing. He has to happen everyday non-stop.
There are ways to stop bullying which I’m sure you’ve heard of many, many times. You can stand up to the bullies and tell a teacher if you see it happening.

Now for the question that really needs to be answered. Has bullying changed because of Covid?

Alzada Benton, a counselor at Red Oak Middle School has said that it has NOT changed at all. “I have not seen anything different. I don’t really think Covid has any effect on bullying,” Benton said.

She also has some advice for students, “Don’t be afraid to call out anyone for being mean,” she said. “Happiness off of someone else’s pain is a weakness.”

Calinda Wells, another counselor at ROMS, says that bullying has gotten more electronic because of Covid. But has Covid changed how much bullying is seen? Ms.Wells has not seen bullying as much.

“I think it’s because there is a sense of happiness that everyone is out. But as people settle it is getting more rambunctious.”

So how is it dealt with? Ms.Wells says they go case by case, call parents, discipline, and go through counseling.

So take this as a reminder and do not bully. And if you are being bullied, do not be afraid to use your voice.