Column: “NAILed It!”

Do you like getting your nails done? I love getting mine done all the time! The experience is so fun and exciting. I’m going to be talking about all the nails salons in Red Oak. Starting off with the destinations of the salons.

There are a total of eight salons I’m going to be talking about.

Red Oak Nails & spa located 102 East Ovilla Suite B2

Bella Nails & Spa is located at 237 East Ovilla Road.

Deluxe Nails & Spa is at 109 East Ovilla Road #600.

Art Nails at 286 East Ovilla Road

Jasmine nails located at 600 Methodist St Suite 1130.

Angel Nails & Spa is located at 132 Ovilla Rd #8

Holly Nails & Day Spa at 2520 Ovilla Rd.

Those are all eight locations of the Red Oak Nail Salons. Depending on where you live is going to determine which nail salon you may want to go to.