Column: The ‘right’ way to watch anime


Source: Wallpaper Abyss

I usually suggest anime that you should watch but I want to talk about where I’m at right now in my anime. I have watched a lot and want to maybe give some spoilers and also some tips on how to watch anime like a god.

First, I want to talk about what you should watch anime on. I know some of you might already know what to watch anime on so you can skip this part if you would like. Some people watch anime on YouTube and that is a big no-no. If you watch it on YouTube you are risking not watching all or full episodes. So the best places to watch anime would be Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation. If you are rich, then another good place is Crunchyroll.

I have watched most of my anime on Hulu but if you don’t want ads then watch it on Netflix. Hulu has easy to find anime and that is because they have an entire genre dedicated to anime. To be honest, most of the anime I have watched I didn’t even finish. Here’s why: If you like some things on the media about anime everything else will come which means spoilers and all that. Which means spoilers… and every single episode you watch will be wasted.

I have started anime like, Haikyuu, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, etc. They are all good and I recommend watching them. But seriously don’t follow things about the anime you are watching and/or haven’t finished.