Absolutely Anime: The Up-Coming



So I’ve talked about the old, now I think I should talk about the new or the up-coming anime series.
There are some really interesting opinions about these different anime and I really enjoy listening to them.

The first up-coming one is kind of old but still considered up-coming. It’s called My Hero Academia. It’s about a world where having superpowers is normal. Well if you didn’t see it coming the main character doesn’t have a power and he cries for like five entire episodes……it gets kind of annoying. He does have an idol though and his name is All Might, a super famous hero with amazing powers. One day the main character, Midoryia (AKA Deku) gets in a situation where he faces a villain! Amazingly Deku’s idol shows up and saves him. They spend a day together and talk. Deku shows why he wants to be a hero and how much he wishes he had a power. All Might shows Deku that he can give him his power and will train him.

Another one would be Boruto……this anime receives a lot of hate. I am going to add to that hate. It. Is. TERRIBLE! They ruined the entire thing of Naruto! It has Naruto all grown up he is hokage and all that. He has a son named (you guessed it) Boruto. They changed the way all the characters looked, acted and ruined how it is. Naruto was about war and people dying by their friends and the watchers feel emotions for the characters. Now it is all childish like watching sesame street!

And last but not least, Haikyu. It’s not that new but it is a new take on anime. Usually the anime I watch are about fighting (No duh – I couldn’t tell) but this one is about volleyball. I don’t really watch a lot of sports but if I did I know for a fact that haikyuu is way cooler looking than actual volleyball. It has amazing art and really cool effects. The main character is really short and everyone says he shouldn’t play because he won’t be able to hit the ball. Well that is false. He jumps super high and goes super fast and the art showing this is amazing and is really amazing to watch and enjoy.