Annoyed: Hiding your snacks now?

Have you ever brought snacks or gum to school? If you have, you have been through the struggle I’ve experienced and seen other people go through.

I know students love to bring snacks to school because some people don’t like the snacks the cafeteria offers them. So once you bring gum to school and you open it, one person asks if can they have a piece. You say, “yes,” but someone else sees you giving your gum away and they ask for a piece, too.

Then you have Johnny over here, seeing you have gum and asking you way too loud so everyone can hear him say, “CAN I HAVE A PIECE OF GUM?” Now the entire class knows you have gum and all of them are staring at you.

Some people are nice enough to give the whole begging group a piece of gum, even if it leaves the generous person with no more gum to enjoy. Picture yourself in this situation. This goes with the same with chips. But people who want some of your chips would just hold their hand out, acting like they are asking for more – even though you might want to save some for later.

This is so annoying sometimes, but it depends on the people. Even people you don’t know might ask for something. Sometimes people have to sneak around to eat their snacks at lunch just to avoid this situation.

I know you’re asking yourself right about now: How do I avoid this situation if people are all around me? Well, let me answer your question. If people are near you, just open the snack wrapper from your backpack, and act like you’re looking for something. Just pop the snack or gum right in your mouth. If someone asks if they can have a piece, just say that was your last one. It’s okay – people don’t need to know.