Column: Not so scary Halloween costume ideas…for your pet!

Pet Talk gives helpful tips on how to make sure your pet is in style for Halloween

Halloween is near, and the spooky season is just beginning! Since trick or treating will be a bit difficult in quarantine, it still doesn’t mean you can’t dress up, and who better to do it with than your pet? I will be showing you the cutest and different outfits you can buy for your pet based on type, and where to get it.

First, if you are looking for a costume that can give you and your family a quick laugh then choose from some of these options. A few ideas for pet costumes are disney princesses. No matter what breed, type, or size, it’ll give you and your family a good feeling. Furthermore, unicorns, skeletons, hotdogs, and TV show characters aren’t far off our list as well! You can buy some of the following on Amazon as well.

Are you looking for a DIY (Do It Yourself) project where you can embrace and show your creativity? Well you can almost DIY anything, including pet costumes. Some easy and DIYable outfits include- Spiders, Beanie Boos, Dinosaurs, Tutus, and even a simple Flower! According to Homes Alive, these outfits do not break the bank as well, keeping it easy and affordable for you!

Last but not least, if you are looking for an outfit that is quality and certainly fit for a king (or queen) then check out Posh Puppy Boutique! They sell various costumes for dogs, from taco costumes, to mini wedding dresses. Since they are fit for royalty, the costs are a little expensive, but are worth it!