Pet Talk: Cool Pet Names to Consider

Picking names for your furry friend is a tedious task. With all the names out their, one out of the big sea of them seems hard to find. Well, instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, I will be helping you out and narrowing it down to a few categories based on your pet! Get ready to pick some pet names!

There’s no way around it. No matter what, you pet has to have a name. Even if it’s something as atrocious as ‘Bart’ or as elegant as ‘Victoria’, your pet needs a name. There are many ways to pick one, you could do a randomizer on the internet, pick votes out of a hat, or sit and research until your brain goes numb. Still, it has to be done.

First, you could name your pet after an attribute. Based on information from the website “HowStuffWorks” choosing a pet name based off a personality trait, or attribute works! For example, if your dog is very hyper and jumps a lot, then you could name them Jumpy or Jumpster (or whatever floats your boat). Or, if your cat is very stuck up, and picky about what they eat, you could name them Princess, since they act like royalty. But according to the website, make sure to keep it short and sweet, because pets cannot relate to names that are excessively long.

Next, you could also name your pet after someone you like or admire. It could be a famous person, your celebrity crush, a family member, or just an ordinary person if you’d like. Either way, if you really like Justin Bieber’s music, then name your animal Justin B! Nevertheless, try to pick a GOOD person to name your pet after, so do not choose a criminal.

Now that you have a few ideas of what you want your pet to be named after, make a list. I know, you have already done enough research on getting your parents to buy you a pet, but still, a little more work wouldn’t hurt. Thinking of acceptable, and good names that you’d like for your pet is good, but they all need to be written down. This way, when you’re finished, you can go over it with someone, and cross out the ones that you don’t like, until you narrow it down to one. Also, go over the names to make sure they aren’t too similar to commands. So don’t name your pet Mo, because it sounds too close to ‘no’, or don’t name them Trey because it sounds too close to ‘stay’.

Lastly, make your name unique! Make sure that it isn’t used commonly around your house, or other owners won’t have the same name as you. I am not saying name your pet ‘Sajak Hudley Ontario II” but make sure that you like it too. But if you’re still stuck and don’t know what to name your pet, then just pick votes out of a hat, or visit this website here.

Now you know a few ways to name your pet! This way you won’t be trying out different names, and get everyone confused!