Absolutely Anime: The Old

Daniyel D.

There are many anime but I’m going to talk about some of the ones that started it all. A Lot of opinions are considered when deciding the big 3. 

Dragon Ball is one of the oldest and most popular anime series. It started in 1986  as a funny sitcom. But because of all the love it turned into a fighting anime and grew to popularity real fast. It has a long story line about a character named Goku who is part of a species called saiyans who have powers that make them have the desire to fight and train more than you go to school. Later on he goes against the person who destroyed his home planet which during the fight helped him unlock super saiyan which becomes weak later on but i’m not going to ruin the whole thing. It has 4 parts of the show to display the story line.  This is one of my favorites and it’s the one I started with. It is a really good anime for those who just want fights. 


One Piece is the anime that came out not long that long after Dragon Ball. It was released in 1999 and is about a kid named Luffy who wants to become pirate king. The powers in this anime are known as devil fruits and he has the Gum Gum devil fruit which makes his body super stretchy. He also is kinda strong and makes friends with a lot of people and makes the anime really cool to watch. 

Bleach is the next anime on this list. It went to screens in 2004 and is about a normal guy named Ichigo who gets soul reaper powers after friending Rukia. He was born with the gift to see ghosts and his family was attacked by a Hollow and after that he swore to protect the innocent. I haven’t seen it but I should recommend it since it is an opinion for the big 3. Someone who watches it told me it was really good but if you watch it you have a lot of episodes to get through.

Finally, we have Naruto. The subbed version came out in 2003 but the dubbed version came out in 2006.

It is an AMAZING anime about a ninja named Naruto. When he was just a baby the Leaf Village (The village he is from) gets attacked by the Nine Tailed Fox. It had killed almost everyone in the village until the fourth hokage arrived.  Hokage is the leader of the village and the strongest in the village. He sealed the Nine Tailed Fox in Naruto.

 That made him an outcast in the village. He didn’t have any parents because well, they died. Nor did he have any friends. He was in the ninja academy and had some friends but not at home. He lived alone. Until graduation day came! He finally was a ninja and started getting some friends. His dream is to become hokage one day and he won’t stop getting stronger until he gets there. 


So no matter what people say the big three are, these anime will always be amazing to watch. Whether you say it’s Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, or One Piece, they are all good to watch. So give anime a try, and if you already watch anime, watch these and see if you like them.