Despite social distancing, ROMS not immune to Covid-19

At least four students test positive for SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) in first weeks of school

Students and staff wear  protective gear including masks and keeping a safe  distance from each other.

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Students and staff wear protective gear including masks and keeping a safe distance from each other.

Kaliyah C.

A Red Oak Middle School student tested positive for COVID-19 according to an email sent to parents August 22. That was the first of now seven confirmed cases in ROISD, including one at Red Oak High School. This is week four of the new school year.

 “I didn’t worry once I saw the email about the student that tested positive,” science teacher Alan Hillman said .“It was very nice to know.”

Hillman has other concerns. “I don’t like how the masks give students a disadvantage,” Hillman said. “They think they can hide and not participate, and it’s very difficult to hear and understand what students are saying.”

On Duty: Mr. Hillman checks student temperatures as they arrive, making sure people are following procedures.

Though students may be annoyed with having to cover their faces, teachers are trying to encourage them to do the right thing, and wear the mask or face covering. 

“Even though it’s hot under your masks and it’s becoming annoying, still wear it,” math teacher Ms. Sandoval said. We are concerned about your safety.

ROMS nurse Christina Helms agrees with the idea of wearing masks, but there are other ways students can help protect themselves from the virus.

Seventh grader Torrian Flatt on the first week of school waiting to get breakfast .

She includes hand washing, masks, social distancing among the most effective ways to protect yourself. “But if I had to pick one, the biggest way is hand washing,” Helms said. 

Despite the reports of positive cases on campus, seventh grader Victoria Harden chose to return to campus midway through the first six weeks  rather than continue with virtual learning.

“It’s better to be at school for me,” Harden said. “You can actually interact with the teachers instead of emailing them.”

Social distancing and wearing masks appears to be effective as the percentages have dropped for COVID-19 cases and deaths in Ellis County. According to a Texas Health Trace report there have been a total of 3,551 recoveries in Ellis County Additionally, there have been a total of 3,689 reported positive COVID-19 cases as of mid-September.