Review: New generation leaves its mark on High School Musical

Olivia B.

Source: Disney Direct-to-Consumer International Media Center (Used with permission)

After seeing High School Musical:The Musical The Series season one on Disney Plus.There’s drama left and right in this series, and it is all super exciting, and addicting 

 By the way, if you were hoping it is anything like the original movie, you’re out of luck. This series is about a new drama teacher who wants to change the fact that the school she is going to (which i should mention is the same school the original movie was shot at)has never remade the original movie.The drama teacher and her students reherse with tension in the air.

 This series is shot at the same school in Salt Lake City as the original movie, but with none of the same characters, except for some surprise appearancees. The main characters are Ricky(Joshua Bassett) and Nini (Olivia Rodrigo). Each episode is about the play, while juggling drama with each other.

 I think all of the characters did an amazing job throughout this season, but if I had to pick who did the worst it would be EJ mostly because I’m not fond of his character.

 This series has many amazing scenes but the one thing I didn’t like was all of EJ’s parts, because I don’t like him that much (I’m talking about EJ). I absolutely loved the scenes about love and friendships.

 Mostly people 12-18 years old I feel would most likely enjoy this series like me. I wouldn’t think adults would enjoy the shows as much as teens would. The series is PG-13. THIS SERIES IS AMAZING. The grade that I shall give is an A.

 Olivia is in the 7th grade. She is a staff writer for RO:IN THE KNOW, who loves singing in the ROMS choir, and playing basketball with her older sister.

 I can not wait to watch season 2!