Matilda Flick Review

Bradley N.

This classic movie is a family-friendly movie. This is a movie you can watch with the fam at home and share a couple of laughs. 


Matilda takes place in an English village. The main characters are Mara Wilson (Matilda) her neglectful parents Danny DeVito(Harry), Rhea Pearlman(Zinnia) her teacher Embeth Davidtz(Miss Honey) and her friend Kiami Davael (Lavender)


Matilda is a gifted little girl with a love of reading who has to put up with neglectful parents and a horrible principle Ms. Trenchbull. One day she figures out she has a special power called telekinesis and she starts to gain power from authority.


I personally love the movie and all its effects. I think it’s good how it is and it should not be remade. 


The movie came out on July 28, 1996. The movie was produced in Los Angeles. Matilda is PG-13. Children should watch with an Adult.