Students see nothing wrong with showing affection in school


Jayda C.

Public Display Of Affection (PDA) isn’t just for excited teens. Some adults describe it as “excessive affection.” Whatever the case, PDA happens here at Red Oak Middle School, and it may have benefits for our students. 

Eighth grader, Alanna Macbay thinks PDA could be a good thing for our campus.

“PDA could reduce fights,” Alanna explained. “Less tension between others. I don’t know why it’s not allowed in schools.”

While hugs, kisses, and hand holding may help spread happy feelings or have no affect at all, some students are disgusted by it.

”PDA makes me uncomfortable,” said sixth grader Charlee Aluna. “I don’t like seeing it in school. One time a boy kissed me on the cheek.”  Despite this, Aluna says it’s not that big of a deal to her.

However, Paula Barnes a  Red Oak Middle School counselor, had this to say this to say about Public Display Of Affection (PDA) happening in schools. “PDA in school is unacceptable for teens – not even adults,” she explained. “Even holding hands could lead to touching other places and, they would take advantage.You should do at home and  away from others.”

On the other hand there are also athletes that participate in this kind of behavior inside school.

“Our athletes do have significant others,” Coach Robert Winn said. “They also have punishments for hugging or kissing inside of school, and their punishments are all different.”

Many people have different perspectives and opinions toward PDA.