Review: SlugTerra – Duels for ghouls

Hanna B., Arts and Entertainment Editor


The show starts on earth but a few years later it goes into Slugterra. Slugterra is a world under the earth filled with people and slugs. Slugs provide the energy to run life in Slugterra. The antagonist Dr. Blakk makes a factory that makes slugs into ghouls, these ghouls are the dark side of a slug. Ghouls don’t produce natural slug energy. He steals slugs from the environment and steals their energy to make them stronger. He then uses his first ghoul to send our protagonists father to another dimension.

Eli Shane is our protagonist and he gets to Sugterra by reading a letter from his father that Burpy, his father’s best slug, showed him. Burpy is an inferno slug, which are very rare. Eli arrives in Slugterra with a mission, to save his father. This is where we start his journey. Eli meets a molenoid named Pronto, a human named Trixie, and a cave troll named Kord.

Pronto meets Eli first, when Eli states his name the molenoid immediately shows great respect because of his father. He then asks for directions to the hideout. Pronto believes he is Slugterras best guide/tourist. When he gets to the hideout he expects slugs, but doesn’t find any, so he goes to look for someone to duel.This is when he meets Kord, the cave troll challenges him and recognises the blue hair that most Shanes had. Kord gives him a few Ramstone slugs since Eli won with Burpy. The next duel introduces Trixie and she fights with arachnid slugs.

The way slugterra works is, if you win in a duel, you get to take one of the opponent’s slugs. In the beginning scene, Eli’s dad loses, but it’s not a slug he loses. Dr. Blakk’s ghouls can be dangerous to the point where they kill the opponent. There are many that fight with Dr. blakk against Eli, but there are allies as well. One of these is pronto, and his character is great, but his voice can be changed, Pronto’s voice is a bit annoying. Eli’s voice actor did a really great job, they got the heroism feel right and everything.

Slugterra is a great series in my opinion, it’s got an anime type feel. It does seem like it was meant for a younger age, but it can still be enjoyed by teens. The way the duels work is fun because sometimes the slug doesn’t transform and it’s not just win after win after win. Eli gets into sticky situations, and there is also some mystery about it because they go to the Shadow Clan Village and The Shadow Clan are creatures that sling slugs by their hand-like tails. It’s fascinating how fast they can throw the slugs because it’s a certain speed slugs have to go to transform and Shadow Clan creatures get their slugs to transform every time.

The Shadow Clan is the most dangerous group in Slugterra. The Shane’s have always been able to communicate with these beings and no one else has even seen them and get away alive, let alone communicate with them. The way they do communicate is that they wear a piece of technology and at first it messes with their senses, but then the wearer is able to communicate with The Shadow Clan.

This series can be found on Amazon Prime Video. It was once on Netflix but it has been removed. It was published in 2012. The show is currently a 4.8 out of 5 “slugs” rating.

Hanna is an eighth grader and an aspiring programmer. She enjoys drawing, writing, painting and reading.