Candy Jar Movie Review


S. Reagan C. , Producer


The iconic movie Candy Jar is a comedy. Candy Jar is definitely one of those types of movies where you could sit in bed all day and watch it start non-stop to stop over and over again.

The story takes place in Atlanta, Newman, and Georgia. A few of the main characters are Sami Gaylee (Lona), Jacob Latimore (Bennett), Christina Hendricks (Amy), Uzo Adubo (Julia), and finally Helen hunt (Kathy). 

This movie is about two high school students competing against each other to get into their dream schools. Lona has her heart set on Harvard and Bennett has his heart set on Yale. They are both on a debate team for their high school. They act like their life depends on getting into their dream schools.

Lona is played by Sami Gayle. Her character was very quiet except when it came to debate. She can be loud when she wants to be that for sure. Bennett was played by Jacob Latimore. His character is very competitive against Lona. Him and Lona have a love hate relationship. Amy was played by Christina Hendricks. She was the mom of Lona. She most definitely is proud of her daughter.

I personally think she could have tried a little harder when it comes to this specific movie. Julia was played by Uzo Adubo. She played her part very well being the mother of Bennett. She was the senator. There was never a dull moment when she was acting in this movie. 

The movie was released on April 27, 2018. It was produced in Atlanta, Georgia and also in Newman, Georgia. It was filmed in March and they stopped filming and editing in April.This movie is Rated TV-14.This would be a great movie for teenagers from ages 14 and above