3 different ways you can help protect our environment

Column #2


Janaya.w., Social Media Manager



In my last column we were talking about the different ways people hurt the environment without knowing it. And it might have persuaded people to change the ways they do things so they can help save our environment. But not many people know how. That’s why today’s column is about 5 different ways you can help protect our environment. Number 1, recycling. Recycling reduces the need for extracting ,mining, quarrying logging, refining and process raw materials. All of these create substantial air and water pollution.Recycling also saves energy and helps tackle greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. Number 2, bike more drive less.Riding  a bike uses minimal fossil fuels and its pollution free version of transportation.And last but not least number 3, Conserving water. Conserving water is one of the most important things to do because the less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean.And it can help you save money. I know parents like the sound of that. Remember protecting our planet starts with you.Everyone can make a change.