Column: Everyone can make a change

How people hurt the environment every day


Janaya W.

The environment is being hurt by people every day. Some people might not know it but it’s true.

It could just be the little things we do in life every day, from throwing trash out the window to pouring your  unwanted  drinks into the plants and grass.

75% of people have admitted to littering in the past 5 years. 50% percent of those items are cigarette butts. Nine billion tons of trash are dumped into the ocean each year. But it’s not just kids and parents – it’s companies too.

Did you know that some companies burn trash?I know you’re thinking “why does that matter.” The truth is that burning trash can hurt the environment, especially us young people. Burning trash can cause long-term health problems. The toxic chemicals released during the trash-burning process include nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic chemicals and polycyclic organic matter. Burning plastic and treated wood also releases heavy metals and toxic chemicals, such as dioxin.

See? Everybody hurts the environment somehow in some way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change your ways.

Check out my next column to learn how to help. And remember: Everyone can make a change.