Students fight to express creativity through fashion

ROHS students creates petition to get rid of the dress code.


Janaya W.

 Dress code is something that really bothers ROISD students today. Most people think they are uncomfortable, and they can’t express their style and creativity with uniforms that have no style just basic colors like navy blue, maroon, gray, black, and white.

Red Oak ISD is in luck because two brave high school students decided to speak up about the dress code policy at the beginning of the school year Victor Murillo and Divine Rodgers are two freshmen at Red Oak High School. Victor and Divine created a petition on As of early November, the petition had with 1,502 supporters.So many people signed this petition because students don’t want basic colors.They want colors that can express their individuality. 

Jazmien Wilson says she doesn’t like the dress code because ‘’ parents can’t afford them, and their kids grow a lot.So parents have to constantly have to buy new clothes. ”

Students believe that they should be able to wear stuff that will make them feel comfortable and unique.They want to be seen as  an individual, not all the same. Not everyone’s the same and they believe they shouldn’t have to feel that way. The students should be able to express themselves and their creativity and not hold it all in because of the uniform policy.

Parents have been struggling to pay for uniforms every year because they are very expensive.Parents spend at least $25- $200 dollars or more per school outfit a year and they believe they can save more money by just spending money on everyday clothes rather than paying for uniforms that they know their kids are going to throw away in the summer.

The school board says, the purpose of this policy is to give the district a positive and distinctive identity and reflect the values of the schools and community. And the uniform policy helps them keep their students safe. Because they can identify an intruder because they’re not in dress code, but  there are other ways to keep the school safe.Maybe hiring more security or opening the school doors with our badges.Then not only will students be safe but it can also help them be more responsible with their badges.