The Lion King: Then vs Now

The movie making industry has come a long way. Whenever you take a look at classic movies and how they are remade, I’m sure you will be able to spot some variations. There are many similarities and differences that build a new movie.  Let’s take a look at the classic movie, The Lion King.

The Lion King was first released in 1994. The most recent remake of the classic movie came out in 2019; the 25-year gap is quite far-reaching. According to Entertainment Weekly, the 2019 version of the film Disney’s highest-grossing animated movie ever in their history. Back in August of 2019 the film made 

$252 million worldwide. While the original Lion King amassed $312.9 million domestically and approximately $850 million worldwide.

Some differences that can be spotted in the new movie are that Nala is given much more screen time. The lovable character even gets her own solo scene in the remake movie. Also, the movie structure is different. The new film length is 118 minutes where as the original was only 88 minutes. 

Although there are some differences from the classic to the current, the adored movie will forever continue to be a remade sense of childhood that everyone loves to enjoy an experience.