PokéPlace: Bug Life

Helena L.

For this week, we’ll be discussing bug-type Pokémon.

For starters, people don’t usually think twice about choosing the creatures. Maybe people don’t like bugs? Or perhaps, maybe they don’t think they’re good enough? Or maybe for some other reason. Not sure, but they’re actually amazing!

Although, their stats aren’t the best, they would be a good addition to your team. Bug Pokémon are weak to: fire, rock, and flying. However, that doesn’t matter if you know how to use them. You’ll want a bug-type for a super easy effective pass against psychic, dark, and grass. What’s even better, is that not only are they easy to find and get, but they evolve quicker than all of the other types. This is good if you want a fully evolved bug Pokémon early in the game. Having a fully evolved Pokémon early on is very useful.

Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokedex/butterfree


Now, would I have a bug-type on my team? Well, maybe. Perhaps for variety on my team, or type effectiveness against other Pokémon. I’m not sure, maybe just to have a bug on my team? So, I’d say that you should have a bug type, but it’s all up to you to assemble your team. (Maybe it’s just because I think some of the bug types are cute!).


My favorite bug-type is shown here, Butterfree! These are bug/flying types.