Don’t Blink – Almost Extinct: Koalas

Reagan C. , Senior Staff Writer, Producer

On November 26, 2019, 80% of koalas’ habitats were destroyed in New South Wales, Australia. Approximately 1,000  koalas have been killed due to an Australian bushfire.

One specific koala has had so much attention these past few weeks. His name was Lewis the koala. He died one week after he got help from Toni Doherty. Toni Doherty had an interview with Inside Edition. This is exactly what she said: ”He ran right into the flames, he had flames up on his back legs and  I had to put the flames out with her own bottle of water. I covered the koala in my own t-shirt.”

A state meeting was held due to the koala   population plummeting. Dr. Kellie Leigh said “if action is not taken now I think the future looks pretty blank for koalas in New Blank Whales.