PokéPlace: The Grass IS Greener

Helena L., Staff Cartoonist, Senior Staff Writer

Grass types are one of the core types when starting your game. After the water and fire starters, there’s grass. In total, there are 119 Pokémon.

This means that grass types are the third most common type. Comparing stats of all the grass types, their attack stat is the highest. This is good for physical attackers. Though grass is super effective against: water, rock, and ground, they’re weak to five other types. These types include: ice, fire, flying, bug, and poison.

Due to so many weaknesses, they can only be used for certain Pokémon. Yes, people degrade grass Pokémon, but they’re actually pretty cool! In general, their designs are pretty out there – for instance maybe Maractus, or Lilligant. They’re pretty cute!

Although personally, I wouldn’t have a grass type on my team, it kinda just varies. I would go for something other than grass (such as electric or ice) when I’m completing the main storyline. But if I finish the actual game, maybe I’ll level some up.

Other than my opinion, it’s really just up to you. You can easily find grass types about anywhere where there’s grass, and not only that, they would make a good Pokémon for your team. Therefore, they’re nice and have good stats! I don’t prefer them over all the other types, but some of the grass Pokémon are pretty neat!


Source: https://legendsofthemultiuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Meganium

One of my favorite grass Pokémon, and one of personal favorite designs, Meganium.