Gaming with Sai

Gaming with Sai (pronounced “ZAY”) is a weekly column aimed at comparing game consoles from the classics to the latest technology. Press “START” on this adventure in gaming. Enjoy!

Isaiah E. , Staff Researcher

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Playstation vs. Xbox

If you are a gamer in the console world then you have to know about the console wars. This phenomenon has been going on for as long as I can remember. This [war] consists of Xbox and Playstation; players are arguing about which console is better than the other console. This conversation is a never ending argument and I’m going to try to end it.

I cannot count how many times I have been kicked out of a Fortnite lobby due to me being on Ps4. I am really getting annoyed with how many times both consoles are fighting over which is better. Us console players should be sticking together against PC [ another big rival in gaming]. So I have a solution: end all of the drama and try to recognize each others strengths and weaknesses.

And I know I might get called out for this, but now that I think about it PlayStation and XBox are the same thing. Both run 60 FPS max, they mostly offer the same games, and the only difference between the two is the controller. Which none of these should matter if you just let your skills outshine what you are playing on.

An example of this is Faze Sway. He started off on a Ps4 just like everyone else, but he worked hard and got good enough to join an organization and then get all of the fancy stuff.  

So team up console players and play on!