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Helena L., Lead Staff Cartoonist

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Getting straight to the point, Pokémon is about catching, training, and battling other Pokémon. There’s tons of the creatures to choose from. But one important aspect to note for Pokémon is the type they are. There’s over 800 Pokémon since the game series first premiered in 1996, and there’s a wide variety to choose from, depending on what game you play. 

So, Pokémon types are key to beating strong trainers and moving forward. Currently, there are 18 types including: fire, water, grass, flying, bug, rock, ground, ice, ghost, fighting, dark, poison, psychic, fairy, normal, steel, dragon, and electric. All Pokémon have a different type like, water or rock. But, they can also have dual types as well, for example: Fairy/psychic,  ghost/dark, or even fire/poison. It varies a ton. It’s just whatever suits your fancy.

Source: Pokemon.com/us/pokedex

This is my favorite Pokémon, Poliwhirl!

When choosing a team, there’s specific types that’ll be very important for your journey. I’d recommend keeping a fire, water, electric or grass. The other three are up to you.

 Basically in a nutshell, types are important. You have to know which types are effective against which, and which types are not effective against others. Especially when battling competitively. It’ll really help out.

Pokémon is one of the best national-selling games in the world. People from all around the globe love this creature-catching phenomenon. It’s become such a hit, that there’s tons of merch, such as: movies, shows, and even the most important of all, the games. There’s tons of titles to choose from, but all are the same in one way: the Pokémon. In  each edition of PokéPlace, I’ll bring you cool, interesting facts and opinions about the Pokéverse. Enjoy!