Where Service Animals are Allowed

R, Chehab

Many places allow customers to bring their service animals with them, however, they have strict rules. Contrary to popular belief, emotional support animals are not treated similarly to service animals, and are not allowed into restaurants and other businesses. There’s a few places you can expect to see service animals.

According to the Texas law and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are guaranteed rights in all public places. However, the person who uses the service animal is responsible for any damages caused by the animal. The person using the animal shall keep them properly harnessed or leashed. If the person’s disability does not allow them to carry a harness, leash, or tether, the animal must still be under the person’s control.

This may not be a sight that is common to you, but service animals are also allowed on airplanes. Although, there are a few rules to allow your animal onto a flight. Service animals cannot block or obstruct aisles on the plane, they may not sit in a seat, and for safety reasons, the animal and the owner may not be seated in an emergency exit row.

In conclusion, service animals are allowed in many places, and I’m glad that people with disabilities are not limited to certain places just because their service animals are not allowed.

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source: doorsign.com