Column: The Cheer Life – Camp time!

A. Myers, Staff Cartoonist

Going to cheer camp is a huge tradition.

We normally go to a resort hotel. Last year we went to Great Wolf Lodge, and this year we are going to the Gaylord Hotel and Resort in Grapevine.

Camp is normally hosted by either UCA or NCA. Every year we have loads of fun going to camp. We normally head there in the morning and  get there in the afternoon and we eat lunch, then go ahead and start that very day.

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We wake up early to start breakfast and warmup for the day ahead, then go to bed late. During the day we do stunts and routines to perform at the end of the week. At the end of the week we normally have a free day to go to the pool or the other places to have a free day.  At the end we learn to bond with our cheer family and got to know each other 

more than when we started.