Column: Music. The Heartbeat of our World – Four drummers

Z. Mitchell, Anchor, Staff Writer

The 4 drummers every drummer need to listen to.

In this list you will see the 4 drummers that most need to listen to, to become a successful drummer, and why.

  1. Neil Peart

If you are old-school enough to know him, you would know that he is the drummer for prog-rock band Rush. He uses a very large circular, and rotating drum set.  He knows how to do great time signatures. Plus, if you listen to most of their songs, you’ll see that he doesn’t do simple beats at all.

  1. John Bonham

This man was truly one of the greats. Just listen to any Led Zeppelin song ever. Instead of following the bass player he follows the guitarist. This produced weird and awesome sounding time signatures. Just listen to the live version of Moby Dick. 24 minutes of pure drum solo.

  1. Mitch Mitchell

While he was not the best in the psychedelic rock band JHE (Jimi Hendrix Experience), he was also not the weak link. This partial jazz drummer was amazing. Just listen to the song Fire. Then try to play it.

  1. Buddy Rich

This was easily the greatest drummer of all time. He was the Jimi Hendrix of drumming. As the frontman of the Buddy Rich Orchestra, he kept his men in line, and delivered amazing solos and songs. Also he is quoted often on the show Seinfeld. Most of the quotes are from one of his band members recording him while he had meltdowns at the rest of the band. “I’m gonna take you outside, and show you what it’s like”. Put all of these factors together, and you’ve got one amazing drummer.