Column: The Cheer Life – Expensive, but worth it

A. Myers, cartoonist

Cheerleading attire and costs

The first thing that we do once we make the cheer team is get fitted for our uniforms and camp wear, and then we pay for it. We have to try on sports bras, spandex, sleeves, skirts, tops, warm up gear, and more.

It is super fun to try on all of the items of clothing because you feel like your already becoming part of the team. The not so fun part of all the clothing is the cost. Everything, including the clothes and actually going to camp, will round up to more than $1,000.

But to me all of the money is worth it because you get what you paid for, the camp, the clothes, and fourth meal. Yes everything is expensive, but to us, it’s worth every penny.

Picture credits to: Superior Cheer