Column: Nike Air Max 95 Summit White equals instant shoe success

A. Valderas, Staff Writer

White is a nice color. Adding it on shoe just makes them clean. White shoes can go with any risk taking outfit and make it pop.These shoes are honestly for running but you can obviously still wear them out.

According to Nike’s website, the Air Max 95 changed running footwear with the arrival of visible Nike Air cushioning in the forefoot. In the latest version, a synthetic snakeskin texture slinks across the upper and across the toe, adding detail to the colorless upper.”

Adding the snakeskin to the shoe makes it more appealing for people to wear them out.

I would honestly think the shoe would retail for $200, but it’s only $10 cheaper. That isn’t too big of a change, but that’s $10 you can use to buy other things for yourself. These shoes really stand out to me just because of the black on the outsole of the shoe. They can pair with any outfit seriously white pants, the “summits,” plus any color shirt, and bam! You have a great outfit.

I would definitely cop these shoes. i love white and since the shoe’s white it can go with anything.