Nike Air Max 97 Menta is worth the price

A. Valderas, Staff Writer

The Nike Air Max 97 Menta (Menta) is a solid shoe.Wearing these out is really an eye catcher the iridescent swoosh really pops the solid grey.The bolded Off-White collaboration makes the price of the Menta add up,the average retail price of the shoe is $190. In my opinion I would think the price for the shoe is reasonable, I’d really die to have something like a name brand such as Off-White in my closet.

Nike has had many collabs with Off-White such as there other brand converse and has done at least two collabs with them.Off-White x Nike has never let anyone down and normally always has greats shoes with a great finishing product.Such as the Menta i’ve never really liked Air Max 97 but adding this colorway makes the shoe pop and makes the shoe better looking and more attractive.

There’s only one colorway that you can buy this shoe in and it’s not that bad. The ombre was very detailed and iridescent and it makes the shoe bold and speak loud.The Off-White statement is very bolded and adds detail to the shoe.On the shoelaces the bolded letters of “shoelaces” is printed on them white two colorways of grey and blue for the laces.

I really love this shoe the colorway,the lace design,and just everything flows with the shoe.It’s something I would like to have in my closet and it’d go with many outfits just because of the grey and the colors on the swoosh could make a plain outfit pop.