Best Phones Under $1K for teens

J. Davis, Copy Editor, Staff Writer

Galaxy S7 Edge

If you want a phone for around $300, the S7 Edge is a great phone. Modern styling, wireless charging, glassback, and flagship styling come standard on this phone. Back in 2016, this phone was originally $779. Now you can pick one up for around $350, which is not bad for a once flagship device. This phone has held 45% of its original value, which is not bad, considering that the iPhone 7 was $649 back in 2016, and now is around $300, still holding about 44% of its value.



This is a brand new phone for not even $800, and you get a lot of flagship features such as fingerprint, a 12 megapixel camera front and rear as will as a hole punched front camera and no beccles (the borders that prevent edge-to-edge screen area).  Coming in five colors, along with wireless power share and charging, this phone is great deal.


Google Pixel 2

If you want a different phone that will stand out, for about $500, you can get a Pixel 2. Back in 2017 this phone was around $700, so the resale value is pretty strong holding around 81% if its value.