Spring Fling offers another night of music, dancing

The school year’s second dance aimed to give students more space, music and fun

R Chehab, Anchor

ROMS cheerleaders hosted a Spring Fling in the middle school dance gym. It was on Friday, March 29 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Sales were $5 at lunch and $7 at the door. Dress code was appropriate “Sunday best” and students had to have an I.D. badge to enter. However, only seventh and eighth graders were admitted into the dance this time.

During this Spring Fling, the high school cheerleaders also came to work and help supervise the students. The middle school cheer team spent much more time setting up the gym with decorations than the Fall Ball.

Mixed feedback was received from the last dance, the Fall Ball. Most students complained that it was cramped, and the music was not the students’ preferences. According to cheerleading coach Ms. Schwieger, this dance was planned differently. The cheerleaders used feedback from the Fall Ball to make sure that the Spring Fling would be a memorable dance for the seventh and eighth graders.

“The sixth graders had a lot more energy,” Schwieger stated, “so we wanted to create a different event for them to be able to give them a different outlet for that energy.”

The Spring Fling also had some similarities along with some differences with the Fall Ball. This dance was definitely improved with a smaller crowd, creating a more comfortable, and less cramped, environment, according to Schwieger. The setup was changed to accommodate everybody and allow them to be in the same area without feeling suffocated. To add to the fun improvements, an additional photo booth and better music choices were included.

Tickets were pre sold to decrease the initial traffic when tickets went on sale. “Check stations” were requested by Mr. Gatewood to make sure that everyone was safe going in and out. Concession tables were moved to the dance floor so students would not have to separate themselves if they wanted to enjoy a snack.

Although the Fall Ball was an enjoyable dance, there were improvements to be made. Fortunately, these issues were made up for in the Spring Fling. Students spent a fun evening with their peers, and we can thank the cheerleaders for sponsoring such a wonderful event.