Column: The Cheer Life – Behind the Scenes

A.Myers , Staff Cartoonist, Staff Writer

People wonder, “what do cheerleaders do to prepare for games?”

They only see what we have worked on for months and what we have been perfecting. Yet, they don’t know what it takes.

We get injured trying to perfect it. Literally, it takes blood sweat and tears. We do a lot to make all games look great, and people also see us standing on the sideline doing stunts and cheers.

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What they don’t realize is that people have headaches, are tired and that we get a lot of mosquito bites, I mean A LOT.  It takes a lot of work to prepare and get ready for comps. For example we get up early and usually stay late.

We have to find time to do our make up and get changed. Cheer takes a lot of preperation and effort but it is a fun experience to have accomplished in your life.