Book Review: Feline ‘Warriors’ pounce at the chance for life in the wild

H. Lopez, Staff Writer

Warriors, the adventurous book series in which cats of different clans fight to survive in the wretched wilderness, is the book for this week! As of 2019, there are six of the books in total, the 6th series set coming out this year through 2020.

To start things off, the whole storyline begins with one cat named Rusty. He decides to go out into the forest near his home, and begins to realize what it means to be a wild cat. The plot thickens once he joins the untamed wild cats and becomes the major protagonist in the first series, or should I say ‘Arc’, since that’s what the authors call it.

Major things happen to change up the story entirely. Once Rusty joined, he received a new name by the name of Firepaw. He has a hard time fitting in with the rest, but soon comes to realize he has more respect once he becomes a full-grown warrior, and is almost in the place of leader of the cats. After the past leader of Thunderclan; the clan rusty joined, drowns, he becomes leader afterwards, him reigning the new name ‘Firestar’.

The second arc is a whole different story. After months of being leader, Firestar has two daughters by the name of Squirrelkit and Leafkit. When growing up, the whole arc is about Squirrelkit going on an adventure with four other cats who are the ‘Prophecy’ cats. After the humans come to destroy the clans’ home, four cats recieved a prophecy to go on a long journey to hear a message for the future of the clans. Squirrelpaw at the time, insisted on going, so she ended up going anyways. The books are all about them traveling to the ocean side, and warning the cats’ home about the humans.


After the clans settle into a new home, the third arc begins. Squirrelflight, earning her warrior name, has three new kittens named Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit. The beginning books are all about the three finding out who they truly are. From Jaykit having his dream destiny ruined, Hollykit having a hard time finding out what she’s good at, and Lionkit desperately trying to prove he isn’t a troublemaker, it’s a really amazing-bizarre adventure that they go through. There are a lot of spoilers I could spill accidentally, but I won’t! Let’s just say that the three’s destinies are troublesome.

The fourth arc begins afterwards, now the three called Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather, have to be prepared to fight against their evil ancestors known as ‘The Dark Forest’. Many things begin to happen, as some clan cats have been training with them to turn against the other clans when the battle begins. Many cats have been told about this battle, and have been preparing for it ever since. Dovewing; another Thunderclan cat comes about and helps fight as well starring her as one of the main protagonists.

After the events of the battle with the Dark Forest, the new main protagonists; Alderheart, Violetshine, and Twigbranch have to help one of the clans; Shadowclan that’s falling apart. After Alderheart dreams of the 5th clan; Skyclan, he goes on an adventure to restore Skyclan and Shadowclan.

The 6th arc isn’t out yet, but it’s scheduled to come out April 9th, 2019.

 My opinions on this book series is beyond the charts. I really enjoy the concepts, and characters that go along with these stories. Getting to read in the cats’ point of view makes it even more exciting; it’s as though you’re actually them!

As for the books of the arcs, it’s really great. There’s parts where you want to keep reading to find out what’s going on, and what’ll happen. The suspenseful build up of events that takes place makes it even greater.

Many of the scenes made me sad, or mad actually. Many of the characters I loved got killed off, which made me sad, but I understood why. The battles they fight in makes the storyline change greatly, as many of the things can change from the characters, the setting, and the plot. So to sum it up, I recommend these books to readers who like fantasy, or combat-inducing books. (Maybe you just like cats!). These books are found in any library, from public, to even your school library!