Column:Wacky Weather – Megastorms increase

A. Williams, Managing Editor

Picture of Hurricane Florence

Severe weather is everywhere and always changing in one way or another. It can never be fully understood and everyday there is something new to discover.

Have you ever thought that you are safe from a natural disaster, like hurricanes? They form in  the ocean and die off when they hit land. Places like North Dakota or South Dakota have never had to worry about a storm heading that far up North, but Florida and the Carolinas have faced many of these devastating storms.

As ocean temperatures rise, bigger storms start to form. This might seem very far fetched, but as humans cause global warming the hurricanes can have more warm water to fuel them. According to research done by live science With Earth’s climate warming, oceans may grow warmer, and, some scientists predict, hurricanes might become stronger. Researchers have found the strongest storms should become even more intense as the planet warms.

Due to all this new information a hurricane could sustain its strength and make it further up land. People don’t know how to protect themselves from these storms. They have never thought about how this could affect them and that they are safe, but that can’t be true forever.As the risk for a storm to come and hit your home increases you should be prepared to know how to protect your home and family.

One way to protect yourself is to stay indoors don’t go outside. If you are stuck outside then try to either find a house to take shelter in or find a place that is high above ground. If you are told to evacuate don’t shrug it off it may save yours and your families lives. Cover all windows with plywood or storm shutters.