Review: Jaws is a guppie compared to ‘The Meg’

Stew E., Business Manager

Hi guys its your boy and I’m telling you a little bit about The Meg. I just got back from watching it and it’s pretty cool however some scenes are just messed up.

Those of you who don’t know what I am talking about The Meg is about a giant shark that terrorizes the ocean eating people and it’s up to some marine biologist to kill the beast.

At one point they start to explore the deep ocean to see if there is any life down there. This happens around the beginning of the movie. 

The main characters are: Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), Jaxx Herd (Ruby Rose), Suyin (Li Bingbing), Toshi (Masi Oka), Dr. Minway Zhang (Winston Chao) , DJ (Page Kennedy), and Jack Morris (Rain Wilson).

I liked the parts that had a lot of action. The parts I didn’t like were the parts where someone good had to die. My favorite character is Jonas Taylor because he is funny and is the main character who does a lot of action.

I really didn’t learn a lesson in this movie but some of you may learn something. 

Those of you who love shark movies or if you like action, then this is the movie you would want to watch. The rating on the movie is PG-13. 

I would give this movie a 7/10 mainly because it needed more action and more background knowledge.

“Stew E.” is in the eighth grade and he likes soccer a lot. He writes for ROITK under the pseudonym “Stew E.”