Review: Drac and grandson find adventure in Hotel 2

G. Vazquez, Staff Writer

The year 2015 presented us with Hotel Transylvania 2. I had to go watch this movie because what I heard about it that it has action, fantasy and maybe a little mystery.In this review I will give you the important details and if it sounds good to you give it a watch.

The main characters of this movie were Selena Gomez who played Mavis, Adam Sandler who played Dracula, and Andy Samberg who played Jonathan, also Asher Blinkoff who played Dennis.

The plot centers around Dracula as he tries to find out if his grandson Dennis is half vampire  so his daughter won’t have to go to the human world and leave Hotel Transylvania. The actors did a pretty good job. They all did their part and it came out good. I liked everything about this movie: the acting, finding out if Dracula’s grandson is half vampire, going to mysterious places.

One of my favorites scenes includes Dracula trying to beat Mavis back home so she won’t find out that Dracula took the baby to see if he could fly.

The moral of the story is it doesn’t matter if you’re half human or half vampire we will always love you no matter what you are. No matter what you are, your family and friends will love you.

I would recommend this movie to children and families. It’s a good movie to watch together. I would actually recommend to everyone because it’s funny and action movie my final word on the film is that is really good I would give it a 5 out of 5.