Review: Twisting up a Storm

A. Williams, Student writer


I have seen this movie over a hundred times.

Twister came out in 1996, and is about university professor, Dr.Jo Harding  (Helen Hunt). Harding and a group of students make a groundbreaking discovery when her husband, Bill (Bill Paxton) creates Dorothy, a tornado data gathering device.

They come together once more when one of their rivals stole the idea and made his own. The movie is about a sad past and how Jo became, and got where she was.

The biggest storm of the century approaches and a group of students and Prof. Harding plan to collect data with Dorothy.  Their rival ends up finding out and creates his own.

At times the scenes are a little too unrealistic for me, but for the time period the film was made, it was really good. It made me feel like I was a part of the movie, and had known these characters forever. Just about every movie out there has the same plot as movies made before. This movie, however, sticks to its own plot and does something different. In some scenes they make it feel a little far-fetched and could never happen in real life.

Some people who might be interested in this type of movie would be thrill and action seekers. People who like tornado movies might also enjoy this movie. People who don’t enjoy gore or blood might not want to see it, because there are some scenes where blood is shown.

Twister is rated PG-13 and shows some violence and gore in the form of cuts and gashes on some of the characters  I recommend this movie to people who like action movies, but maybe not those who like a movie that has a lot of intensity.

The moral of this movie is to never let go of the things that you love and to fight for everything that matters to you.

My rating for this movie would be 5 out of 5 miniature storm clouds. It struck my interest and curiosity towards weather. I recommend you give Twister a try.

Allie Williams aspires to become a meteorologist for the United States Air Force. She enjoys tornado and shark movies. She loves the outdoors and studying the weather. She loves her family and  meeting new people.