COLUMN: Wacky Weather Worldwide: Tornadoes Everywhere

A. Williams, Managing Editor

Source: NSSL
An F2 Tornado hit Seymour, TX on April 10, 1979

Weather is  always changing in one way or another. It can never be fully understood due to everyday there is something new to discover.

There are some that are dangerous, and some that are helpful to people. They help us with farming or drinking water, but what about the ones that are dangerous?

Tornadoes occur a lot more than we might think. How do we prepare for when one strikes in your neighborhood. We live in tornado alley were tornadoes are a common thing we see. They happen at random and can last a few seconds to hours long. What if one were to hit your area would you know how to protect yourself and family.

   There are many ways to stay safe during one of these natural disasters. For example, stay clear of any windows or exterior walls. You also want to go to a windowless room in the middle of your house. Make sure you are on the lowest level possible, then cover your head and neck with your arms to make sure they are somewhat protected. Do not try to drive or get into a car.

Tornadoes can be rainwrapped and invisible to the human eye. If you happen to be in a car, stop under bridge and then cover your head and neck with your arms. If you do end up in the middle of nowhere and a tornado appears have a look out and watch it for any shifts. Tornadoes are unpredictable and can change direction very quickly.