Review: “Spider Pig, Spider Pig” steals the show in The Simpsons Movie

Z. Mitchell, RO:In the Know Anchor

The lake in the town of Springfield (state unknown) is  highly polluted and one more thing thrown in it could make everything bad. This animated comedy has a seriously ominous beginning. 

At church, Homer’s father Abe Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) has a vision. “Twisted tail, 1000 eyes, EPA, EPA”! Meanwhile, Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright) are having a “dare off” which ends with Bart having to ride through the town on his  skateboard. However, he has to ride down, with no clothes on.  (Don’t worry – the artists and editors do a great job of hiding everything).

Of course, this leads to Bart getting arrested, and being taken to the town’s #1 fast food restaurant known as Krusty Burger with his father, where they find their new pet, Plopper – the pig with twisted tail (also known as Spider pig, or Harry Plopper).

After about a day, they have filled up a silo with some “leftover food,” if you catch my drift. With no where else to dispose of it, Homer throws this silo into the already super polluted lake. When a squirrel jumps in the water, he comes out, with fangs, and 1,000 eyes. Suddenly, Grandpa Simpson’s vision is no laughing matter. The mystery begins to unfold.

It was hilarious. There was nothing I didn’t like about this movie. Everything about it was great in my opinion.

There was really nothing to learn. There was a small moral: to stick by your family and town.

This movie was really just for laughs. Honestly after I saw this movie, couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a classic. It’s based off of the animated show The Simpsons, and the show makes countless references to the movie in some of their episodes.

People who want a good laugh should watch this. I recommend this to families, and most adults. I wouldn’t recommend this for young children because they wouldn’t understand a lot of this. The rating of this movie is PG-13 mainly because of language that shows up a few times in the movie. Overall this was a good film.

This movie got a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

Z. Mitchell is in eighth grade. His main job is giving sports commentary as an anchor for RO: In the Know and editing film. He loves the show The Simpsons, and loves playing music with his family.