Review: ‘Beauty’ proves that chicks dig libraries  

S.Batres, Lead Research Specialist, Sports Reporter

Beauty And The Beast was an amazing movie to watch, as was the cartoon movie of it. The newest real life movie was similar to the book and cartoon movie, but better and much more detailed.

I really enjoyed watching the live-action movie because it made me feel very inspired just like any other movie could, but it was bigger and better. The movie felt magical and like I said it inspired me.

The plot of the story was very nerve-racking because I didn’t really expect anything good to happen.  The story was mainly of how a young lady fell in love with a beast in a very beautiful and magical way, sounds strange but once you watch it you’ll understand how it was beautiful and magical.

Belle was a very responsible, organized, and educated young woman. She was full of beauty and cared about everyone as much as the town cared for each other. She was so friendly and new everything would turn out okay.

Gaston was a very chasing and conceited “handsome” man. He knew what he wanted and he wouldn’t stop chasing it until he got it. Beast turned into a gentleman on the inside; he was only rude or even disrespectful because of the way he lived.

Maurice, Belle’s father, cared for his daughter very much. He made sure she had what she needed and he made sure she was always okay. I’m pretty sure he would do anything to keep her in a good position in life.

There are many more characters who played a part in making this movie such a beautiful tale. All of the characters did a very good job. I really don’t think any of them did a bad job. Even the villains were really good at being ‘bad.’

The movie was great overall. but there were some parts that weren’t really my favorite. There was a part where the wolves were trying to attack and make Maurice their dinner. I was terrified for him because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

I learned that no matter how someone treats you, what they look like, or what pain they’ve gone through, treat them the way you want to be treated. I also learned that you can fall in love with someone who is desperately hurting and be that one person they’ve been waiting for to heal them. I think that others will also learn the same lesson because it was just out there and it’s really easy to notice.

I would recommend this movie for older children or any person who enjoys children’s movies. The movie is PG so yes any age can watch the movie. There are some intense action scenes that some young children may find scary.

Out of 10 I would have to give the movie a 10. I really enjoyed the movie and everyone should too.

Sarahi is in eighth grade. She enjoys the class of journalism which also brings up the fact that she’s a researcher which she enjoys very much. She doesn’t play any sports for ROMS,  she enjoys playing football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball just for fun. Sarahi also enjoys watching every Dallas Cowboys football game because she always depends on them to do their best. She’s not the greatest at football but let’s just say she sure does know how to play.