Q&A: Kendalyn Smith


Courtesy photo

Spanish teacher Kendalyn Smith will serve on the Safety/Security/Crowd Control team during Friday’s mock disaster drill.

Zoie Shaw, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Kendalyn Smith, Spanish teacher at ROJH, is serving on the Safety/Security/Crowd Control team during the mock disaster drill. Smith discussed her thoughts on the drill with “RO: In The Know.”

Q: What were your thoughts when you were selected for the safety team?

A: “I was confused about how I ended up on the security team, but glad that I can help.”

Q: How have you prepared for your role on the security team?

A: “We have been going through some scenarios, and talking about how we have been doing and making maps.”

Q: What are you most nervous about?

A: “Someone trying to get into the school, and I’m supposed to be blocking the doors.”

Q: What do you think your greatest strengths are?

A: “Being prepared.”

Q: Why do you think you were selected for this role?

A: “I was selected because the other Mrs. Smith was on the security team last year. She left and they decided they would just leave Mrs. Smith on the list.”

Q: How do you think you can help?

A: “I can help by making sure the school is a safe place to be Friday.”