A new dance instructor takes the stage: Meet Mrs. Reyes

T. Trimble, Features Editor

Do you ever wonder what kind of teacher you have? Do you think about their personality and how they got into the teaching business? Every teacher has a unique story. This time, the spotlight is on Monica Reyes, the new dance and Highsteppers director for Red Oak Middle School.  

Her high school teacher persuaded her to become a dance teacher. She had heard great things about this school district so once the dance position opened up she took advantage of it. Reyes thinks that she has a good impact on the students because of what her class offers. “Dancing is not only a form of art,” Reyes explained, “but it is also a form of a stress release and a way for students to express their creativity.”

Seventh grader Michelle Acosta believes that Reyes is a good teacher because she is patience with her students when they don’t do the steps correctly the first time. Acosta feels comfortable around her new dance teacher because she is a woman and she has most likely gone through the same things that Acosta and other female students are going through right now. Naima Villaroel, another dance student, describes  Reyes as a kind, sweet, and patient teacher.

“She’s more like a best friend than a teacher,” Villaroel said.

She believes Reyes has a great effect on the students because dance is like a class where you can have fun and talk to your friends or even make new ones. “Most classes are stressful and boring, but dance is fun and relieving,” Villaroel added.  

Reyes stepped into the role of dance instructor at ROMS in August, a position previously filled by Ms. Isaacks who was promoted to assistant principal this school year.