Q&A: Amanda Hulett


Courtesy photo

Amanda Hulett, math teacher at ROJH, will be part of the Student Care and Control team during Friday’s mock disaster drill.

Yudit Munoz, Student Life Reporter

Amanda Hulett, 7th grade math teacher at ROJH, is serving on the Student Care and Control team during the mock disaster drill. Hulett discussed her thoughts about the drill with “RO: In the Know.”

Q: What is your role?

A: My role first starts as a teacher. When I get the directions, I then become a campus team 2, which means I am in charge of making sure teachers and staff  get to the place that they need to get to.

Q: How did you prepare for your role?

A: I dream, eat and sleep safety, so I am preparing for every event all the time, but in particular this event. Our team met together, and we actually walked the escape route just to make sure that we were prepared. We have color-coded our maps to make sure that we know who’s doing what.

Q: How would this preparation change if this was a real-life situation?

A: We are going to be able to react faster.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: This would be my first time on this team. When I was at the Intermediate, I was on a different team, which was Safety and Security.

Q: What are some things you look forward to this year about the mock disaster?

A: Just to make sure that we’re all really prepared for what’s going on.

Q: What do you think are some things students need to improve on?

A: Most likely the biggest thing is the severity of our drills. They’ll probably take the disaster pretty serious because film is going to be there; everyone is going to be there, people are going to be watching, everybody is going to have eyes everywhere. But every time there is a drill, whether it’s a mock drill or not, it’s still pretty important.