Review: Hard lessons from “The Hate U Give”

K. Brown


I have one word to describe this movie: Powerful.

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the racial conflict increasing throughout the world. Well the movie “The Hate U Give” is a very powerful movie that gives a good grasp of the racism going on right now.

This movie is based off of a bestselling novel also called The Hate U Give about a girl named Starr Carter who lives a double life. She lives in a low-income, mostly black neighborhood where she can be herself for the most part, but attends a predominantly white and affluent school, where she hides her “blackness.”

Things run smoothly until she faces a tragedy that involves her friend getting killed by a white cop. Everything goes downhill from there. It is then that she realizes how mistreated and misunderstood her people are. Not just her family members but, other African Americans as well. At one point her father says, “Don’t let nobody make you be quiet.”

At first it was hard to understand. As the movie continued it gave the audience a better perspective on the whole concept.

To be honest, I really felt for this movie. I could mentally connect to the character and how she feels. This movie can change people’s perspective on the world around them, it sure did change mine. Using the problems around the world it basically showed how she coped and dealt with it. I was emotionally moved by this movie and I believe everybody should see it. It may open your eyes as well as it did mine. The movie “The Hate U Give” is overall a really good movie and I plan to watch it again.

For those of you who noticed the word “you” in the name of the movie is spelled as U, well it’s an acronym for THUG Life. If you listen to Tupac then it’ll help you understand why, but it’s explained in the movie as well.

Although this may be a good movie, it’s not meant for everyone. If you get easily offended, then this movie may be a little much for you to handle. A child can see it, though it may also be too much for them to handle. Other than that, there’s no point in waiting, go see this terrific movie. I hope you love it as much as I did, maybe even more.