Q&A: Cheryl Hawkins

Librarian Cheryl Hawkins will serve on the Medical Services team during Fridays mock disaster drill.

Librarian Cheryl Hawkins will serve on the Medical Services team during Friday’s mock disaster drill.

Hannah Jones, Reporter

Cheryl Hawkins, librarian at ROJH, is a part of the Medical Services team during the mock disaster drill. Hawkins discussed her thoughts about the drill with “RO: In the Know”

Q: What were your thoughts about being chosen for the Medical Services team?

A: I needed a refresher of how to do CPR and first-aid.

Q: How have you prepared for  your role on the Medical Services team?

A: We have met as a team to discuss procedures on handling injuries.We also have gone to the fire station for training in any situation of severe injuries.

Q: What are you nervous about?

A: I am the Exit Officer, which means I take down the students’ information before they are transferred to the hospital if they are injured.  I am also worried about a student getting away without me taking down their information before they are rushed to the hospital.

Q: Why do you think you were selected for this role?

A: The main reason I was chosen is because I am familiar with all the students that come to the library, and I am a very calm person.

Q: What do you think your greatest strengths are as a team member?

A: I will get my job done and take charge of my job. No one should worry about me getting my job done, because I will have it all under control.

Q: How do you think this drill will benefit students?

A: They will see how important it is to stay calm, follow and listen for directions from teachers. Also, they will understand why we practice this drill.

Q: What is your opinion of the mock disaster?

A: It is very important to be prepared for a situation like this. I am very proud of ROISD for being committed to the safety of our district.