Theatre students debut with two new shows

A. Chambers, Guest Contributor

ROMS theater students are performing two original productions Friday, October 26 for their Fall Show. The first play is about characters from different movies who escape from a book. The second is about a girl who is caught in TV and is shifted to other shows throughout history.

Students who have worked behind the scenes to make these productions happen have a lot to gain from this experience. Ms. Ingrim, the new ROMS Theatre Arts teacher, believes the kids in her classes should see that they can make and direct a show. Ingrim hopes the audience will enjoy the show, and that her students are pleased with the results.

They decided which show would go first by dividing into groups with two directors and voted which show would go first. “I’m just proud of the kids and all the effort they put into the show,” Ingrim said. “I just had to sit there and help here and there with the shows.”

The Fall Show begins at 7pm on October 26, and is a family-friendly production.