‘Dancing with the Hawks’ fun for most, students ready for next ‘ball’

Despite a packed house, students have mixed reaction to first ever ‘Fall Ball’

A. Valderas and S. R. Clark

This October 5 Red Oak Middle School kids lived it up at the first ever dance.

The fall ball dance was the first dance ever in 12 years . Along with the dance some were wondering why we had this dance well just thank the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders setup all the beautiful decor and wonderful picture background.  

Mr. Gatewood, the ROMS principal, decided to let the  ROMS cheerleaders organize the dance because he wanted to bring everyone together so that they could make new friends.   The cheerleaders titled the dance “Fall Ball” and decorated the gym with pumpkins and hay bales. They also had a fall themed picture area set up for students to take fun pictures with their friends.

Once everyone arrived, they enjoyed the music and good food that was generously provide for all the students.  Afterwards, when asked to comment on the dance, most students, said that they had an amazing time.  

Lana Evans said that overall, it was a great dance, but she would prefer better music next time. Jay James Jasmine James older sister said that they had an amazing time and the food was great. The cheerleaders said that the turnout was great.

 They also wanted to thank everyone for coming and making the Fall Ball a big success.